The Rise of the Wyrm

After building their dominions and the other planes, the gods realized that life is the one thing that would complete their worlds. They began to discuss what kind of creatures there would be. They began to discuss length of life and everything else.

Being creatures of instantaneous satisfaction, they soon grew tired of the discussions and tired of the idea of creating life. The idea soon faded. Then Corellon came up with a plan. He brought his plan to the other gods. He was going to create one being to create all life. This one being will have full control over everything to do with life.

This made the creation of life very easy for all of the gods. They instantly agreed with Corellon, and they immediately began preparing for the creation of this being. Mere moments later a giant wyrm appeared in front of the gods. The gods began to explain to the wyrm the role that she was to play and all of her duties that were associated. Once finished explaining her duties, all of the gods retreated to their domains and watched in anticipation of what the wyrm was going to do.

For a long while, the wyrm sat in the blackness, drifting in thought. She had no idea on where to start. Billions of ideas sprang forth in her head. Unable to choose which realm to start with, or what kind of creature to create first, she had another thought. Every being will have thoughts and dreams and desires and fears. She also knew that all life would need a light by which to guide them, so, with this knowledge in hand, she created the Astral Sea.

With a furious explosion, the Astral Sea sprang forth. Where there was once blackness, there was now a shimmering light. The wyrm explored her new creation and was pleased with what she had created. The gods were amazed at the sight of the Astral Sea. They never expected such a creation to come from the wyrm. This pleased the wyrm even more. She continued on with her duties of creating life.

The great wyrm then glided through the Astral Sea, looking for a plane to start with. Then she came upon one world, floating in the midst of the brightest part of the Astral Sea. She decided that this would be the plane to start with. She looked up on this world, and she found seas, and forests, and mountain ranges. She then started creating the denizens of this world.

The Rise of the Wyrm

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