The First War

4,000 Years Ago

The Eldarin and Gnomish armies finally met each other on the very same plain where they had first encountered each other. Each side lined up and uneasily awaited for the battle to begin. Long moments passed, and neither side moved. Catapults were charged, and the flying machines were powered up. Still neither side moved.

The clouds began to gather and darken. Then, with a loud crackling boom, the clouds parted and revealed a giant fireball fell from the sky. Both, the Gnomes and the Eldarin ran for cover. The fireball landed in between the two armies in an explosion of dirt and dust. Both sides then appeared from their hiding places, curious as to what had just occured.

Dust was thick in the air. When the dust cleared, a wyrm was revealed. Both armies were in complete shock. The wyrm let out a furious roar that commanded respect and attention. The wyrm connected to all of the people on the field telepathically, calling for the leaders of both sides. A small group of Gnomes and Eldarin stepped forward and met with the wyrm.

The great wyrm explained to the leaders that she is the one that gave them life. She also demanded that they stop warring with each other and to commit to peace. Unsure of the wyrm’s intentions, they began to argue amongst themselves over committing to peace and in an instant both leaders drew their swords. The great wyrm then roared in dismay, stopping the leaders in their tracks.

Because she viewed them as her children, the wyrm wouldn’t tolerate any more of this petty arguing, she then laid down and presented the peace agreements. In keeping the peace, the wyrm raised her hands from the ground to reveal and Gnome and an Eldarin. These two were to act as ambassadors to the Gnomes and the Eldarin, the Gnome walked to the Eldarin and the Eldarin to the Gnomes.

As an honor this new peace, the great wyrm empowered both races with the gift of magic. The wyrm asked the Gnomes and the Eldarin to use their magics to benefit them both, and to create further items of beauty and wonder. With their newfound gift the Gnomes and the Eldarin agreed to the peace, and agreed to work together to create a new society, in the wyrm’s honor.

Thus was born the Union of the Two.

The First War

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