The First Life

5,000 Years Ago

The first two races were created simultaneously. The Gnomes and the Eldarin came to life. The gods saw this and were pleased. Life had finally come to their created planes of existence. The Gnomes and the Eldarin sprang forth and began to prosper. The wyrm was excited that her creations were doing well.

The Gnomes began to build a city that was full of grinding gears, and brought forth great clouds of steam. The Eldarin built a city of pure majesty, with bright and tall towers. The Gnomes built items of wonder and amazement, while the Eldarin built items of beauty and elegance. The great wyrm looked upon this spectacle with amazement.

Soon, the wyrm noticed that the Gnomes and the Eldarin began leaving their cities and started expanding their territory. Finally, the Gnomes and the Eldarin met each other on an empty and barren plain. At first, they were unsure of what to think of each other. They each had never seen anything like the other. The Eldarin then began to laugh at the Gnomes, seeing that they were small and oddly shaped. They found amusement at the sight of the Gnomes.

The Gnomes, then became very upset. Not knowing exactly what they should do, the began to throw rocks at the Eldarin. The Eldarin were surprised and ran off to their city. The Gnomes began to cheer and were excited that they had defeated their offenders. The Gnomes then retreated back to their city.

Each of the races told their leaders of the other. The leaders of the Gnomes and the Eldarin feared the worst. Both races began creating tools to defend themselves. Armor was made, as were swords and axes and maces. Each race was now equipped to defend themselves. The Gnomes ordered the Eldarin to be killed on sight, whereas, the Eldarin were ordered to defend themselves and retreat when the moment presented itself.

Life went on this way for quite some time. The great wyrm looked upon this sight with great concern and worry. This was not what she intended. She began to think of how to fix this problem. Then, one day there was a great battle. The Gnomes were able to cut off the Eldarin’s route of escape. A horrible battle ensued. Neither side was capable of defeating the other. Soon, both sides were demolished. News of this event quickly reached the capital cities of the Eldarin and the Gnomes.

Each race then sprang into action. Both, building machines to destroy the other. The Eldarin cities sprung forth creating giant catapults and slings. The Gnomes creating great flying machines and land vehicles. War had come to the land of the first races.

The great wyrm sprung into action.

The First Life

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