Lost Temple of Sune

This temple is of unknown origin. Nobody can seem to explain its origin, or purpose. This temple was found by a small band of The Purple Dragons and War Wizards returning home after being relieved of their duty at Castle Crag.

Deciding to return home by passing through the King’s Forest, they found themselves amazed when they found the temple. Covered by overgrown underbrush and ivy, it stood the test of time. The small band decided, that in the best interest of the kind, that they should investigate. Upon opening the doors, they found a large room filled with broken benches and filled with dust and the smell of death. The walls of this room appeared to be covered with a giant mural spanning the entire breadth of the room. They were unable to tell whether the mural led to the purpose of this temple, nor the origin.

Further investigation revealed decayed bodies of a race never before seen on Toril. In the back of the temple the band found a large set of double doors and windows leading to another room. The room appeared to be much smaller than the room they were currently in. Inside the room, they were able to see a small jeweled dome in the back. The room appeared to be magically sealed.

Armed with this information, they felt that it was pertinent to inform King Foril of this, until now, Lost Temple. They left a group to keep guard of the temple while the rest left to inform the king, only to be relieved days later, by a larger group of The Purple Dragons and an even larger group of War Wizards. This group was also accompanied by scholars, wise sages, and The Crowned Prince Irvel.

Seven months after finding the temple, Prince Irvel and his most trusted sages finally figured out how to open the magically sealed doors. Several hours later, after performing several rutuals, the doors finally opened. Opening the doors unleashed a power never before seen by the people of Toril. The power exploded out of the temple with such a force that it killed most of the encampment that had been set up outside of the temple to study it. If the War Wizards had not acted quickly, the entire encampment may have been lost. The War Wizards quickly banded together and formed a protective bubble that enclosed the encampment, and shielded the rest of the people there from the blast.

After the dust cleared Prince Irvel was nowhere to be found. A search party was dispatched immediately. Months went by and still the Prince was nowhere to be found. The King even ordered the Prison City of Wheloon to be searched, but to no avail. It was then that the King ordered that the temple encampment figure out everything that they could about the temple and its origins.

Only weeks later, the people of the encampment were able to decipher the mural and found out that the temple used to be for worshiping the Goddess Sune. They have still not found out who or what she was, but the mural did identify what the dome-like object was. It was a device that could create portals to send adventurers to the far reaches of the Astral Sea. At this point the King demanded that the discovery of the workings of the Portal Device was to have the highest priority. Thus formed the Magician’s Portal Guild.

With the workings of the Portal Device discovered, the Guild is looking for a group of adventurers to venture into the portal and begin the search for their Prince.

Lost Temple of Sune

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