Departure of the Gods

Within months of this new found friendship, the Gnomes and the Eldarin decided to build a city. This new city would become the new capital city. It was to be the union of both Gnomish and Eldarin architecture. And in the center of this new city, they built a shrine to honor the wyrm that helped them put aside their differences. While building the temple, The Union of the Two gave the great wyrm a name. Chauntea, The Great Mother.

At last the new city was built. It took them 40 years to complete the city. The city was a marvel and far more majestic than any city built by the Eldarin, more wondrous than any city that the Gnomes had built. Due to the combined efforts of the two races and with their new gift of magic, the city was far better than anything anyone could have imagined. The Union of the Two then gave their city a name. Chauntea’s Haven. Upon hearing this, Chauntea wept tears of joy and admiration of the beautiful city built in her honor.

The Gnomes and the Eldarin lived very happy and prosperous lives living together in harmony. Every day that passed, Chauntea was thanked for helping them through their time of troubles. Chauntea was excited with this appreciation. She felt that she was needed and felt that she had a place in existence.

This continued on for many, many years. The Union of the Two continued to become more, and more prosperous. Chauntea had become lost in her happiness and love for her creations.

The gods had become most displeased that Chauntea’s creations had begun to worship her as a god. The gods, then brought Chauntea before them. They explained that Chauntea had insulted them, and because of this, she and all of her creations did not deserve their presence.

Chauntea had never known such sadness. She pleaded for the gods to stay. The gods, however, had already decided on their action. They were going to leave and continue onto a new place and start over. Chauntea then wept before her gods. She apologized profusely for her indiscretion. The gods wouldn’t hear it, though. They then departed.

Departure of the Gods

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