Before the Idea of Time

Explosions. Colors. Lights. The gods came to existence. These beings were of unimaginable power. They were ageless. Totally carefree of any action they took. They began to take on names for themselves. Each one creating a name that commanded power and respect. There was Amaunator, Asmodeus, Bane, Chauntea, Corellon, Cyric, Ghaunadaur, Gruumsh, Kelemvor, Lolth, Oghma, Selune, Shar, Silvanus, Sune, Tempus, and Torm.

Upon looking at the nothingness that was their existence, they decided to create realms of their own. A place where each of them could be at ease, without any disruptions from their peers. Each realm took the form of their personalities. With each realm that was created, the god then took on the persona and gave themselves certain powers over an aspect of life. Death, creativity, love, and many more. The creation of their realms had come to completion.

It didn’t take long for the gods to become bored. They then decided to begin to create planes of existence. Plane after plane sprang up. Where there was once void, there came into existence a plane fitting for any of them the live.

Each plane was different. Some were beautiful ranges of rolling plains, high peaking mountains, deep and vast seas, and the like. While others were vile places of fire, ash, and brimstone. There were even planes that were in between and some were a mixture of those. The gods enjoyed the creation of these planes very much, though they reached a point where they felt that they were finished.

They all took a step back to observe all they had created. They looked at all the beauty and horror they had brought forth. They began to discuss all of their creations. And they all frowned. There was still something missing.



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